I am an interaction designer who loves minimalism, elegance, flow and agile.

About me

Hello there. I’m a London-based freelance interaction designer who spends way too much time thinking about user experience. I find it difficult to do simple things such as open a door, use a lift or flush the toilet without thinking through the quality of the interaction and how it could be improved.

My background is in web but i’m also fascinated by where mobile is going at the moment. My design-style is minimalist and I take a goal-directed approach. I also like working to an agile methodology. I have a weakness for design magazines and love of all types of design whether interaction, architecture, graphic, product or fashion.

I’ve recently rediscovered skateboarding and travel to work on a Sector 9 longboard.

I’m used to playing with the big boys and have worked with Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Barclaycard, Toyota, Olympus, AGA, Holiday Extras, Towergate Insurance, Macquarie Telecoms, MYOB and Salmat among others.

I’ve also recently polished off a Masters degree in Information Architecture from Charles Sturt University which I’ve stuffed in the back of the cupboard next to my Computer Science Degree from James Cook University.  In a past life I was a Java developer (Sun certified!) and was part of the Sun’s Developer Advisory Board for Asia Pacific.

I’m laid back but opinionated and love talking shop – so drop me a line at andrew dot wight at gmail dot com.